The phrase, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” couldn’t describe me any more perfectly. I shoot for the stars and I won’t look down. Grit, hustle, and resourcefulness birthed Mobeni. I’ve always been one to go against the grain like many of the youth from Chicago. I come from poverty; where you need to hustle to make ends meet; where what is given isn’t enough; where tough skin and a poker face is needed to get through the day. 

No trends, no waves, just Mobeni...something raw and uncut. Taking the struggle we go through and displaying it with poise.

Some can relate more than others and this is who that is for. The have nots that look to have one day. Those who understand what it means to be in overdrive because they are hungry for more. Those who are on the chase and choose hustle over handout. If you get up after every fall, if you refuse to quit, if you gamble on yourself every chance you get, this is for you. 

Mobeni is just the brush I use to paint that picture to the world. 

Nothing less, nothing more.

Yahriel Walton.